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This book is a must read for anyone thinking that they might be living in the wrong body. This book is for anyone who thinks they may be the parent of a transgender child who has not yet come out to them. This book is for any human being that believes we all have a right to exist, be treated as equals, and loved for who we are. If you need to read a tale of triumph over misery, then you need to read BREAKING FREE.


The US Prison System and Its Dark Ties to the Black Community Part 2

For years, politicians have brought up the “failed prison system” in the United States and told the public how it is bleeding the country dry.  What they have failed to mention is that by privatizing prisons, US lawmakers and politicians stand to gain huge campaign contributions by stroking the backs of companies such as GeoContinue reading “The US Prison System and Its Dark Ties to the Black Community Part 2”

Moving the Magic Bus

Yesterday, the magic Bus was moved. It wasn’t the only thing that moved. The hearts and the tears of thousands of people who were very inspired by Christopher McCandless, aka Alexander Supertramp, were also moved.  It was like watching Christopher’s final journey as the old bus flew across the sky, but it also felt likeContinue reading “Moving the Magic Bus”

The US Prison System and Its Dark Ties to the Black Community

Prisons in America have always been at the root of systemic racism targeted at the African American community. As America grew, it began developing into a vast system that would disenfranchise anyone seen as an ‘other’ in America. This is a look at the dark beginnings and dirty dealings of America’s prison system and howContinue reading “The US Prison System and Its Dark Ties to the Black Community”

Why Blogs Add Value

For small businesses and startups, having a blog may seem like an additional detail that you simply don’t have time for. This could prove to be a huge mistake that costs you time, money, and sales. As a startup, you have to make each dollar stretch as far as possible. Building traffic to your websiteContinue reading “Why Blogs Add Value”

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