I am a content writer.

I’ve been creating content and copy for clients for the last 19 years. I began my career as a contributing writer with the Ocala Star Banner’s “Neighbors” column in 2001. From that experience, I was hooked on writing. I simply couldn’t believe that I could get paid to do something that I loved so much.

Today, I live in an off-grid cabin with my four dogs and three cats. I work full-time from home by using solar power and with a rainwater collection system that both enable us to live with some degree of comfort. It’s a lovely and peaceful existence that affords me the space for maximum creativity.

The writing world has changed enormously in the last twenty years. The internet has changed all of our lives. For businesses, the internet has opened doors and created entirely new potential streams of income. For writers, it has allowed for home offices with a private coffee machine and the ability to provide content for businesses on the opposite side of the globe, all while enjoying bird watching out the window.

People come to your website because they need something. Often, this need comes from having a specific problem. Content helps to solve their problems, educate them, and give them solutions that can build brand loyalty for your company. The next time they have a problem or a question, they’ll come back to you.

This is where I come in. I have many years of experience in creating content that is conversational, meant to build confidence and feel trust in you. It isn’t about a hard sell anymore. People buy things from businesses they trust. My job is to help build that trust in your company and show them information that guides them toward making purchasing decisions without much more than a gentle nudge in the right direction.

I’ve grown into a bit of a content generalist but prefer to stick with the niches in which I have unprecedented expertise. This ensures that clients get outstanding content. Currently, my niches include:

  • Pet care, behavior, and health issues; with dogs being my strength.
  • Off-grid articles that include anything homestead, gardening, and alternative power.
  • Cannabis and medical marijuana. This includes terpenes, CBD, and all forms of cannabis products.

An excellent content creator can save you thousands of dollars by reducing the advertising dollars you’ve had to spend to create website traffic. Traffic that is poorly targeted and typically doesn’t convert to sales at rates of more than 1-3% for the average company costs too much money.

Creating blogs and SEO content on your website will increase traffic organically by getting your site ranked higher on Google and other search engines. You want your SERP (search engine ranking page) position to be in the top three spots of the first page.

Once you are there, keeping content fresh and ever-evolving is how to stay there. The best part is that they find you by searching for help with their problem. That can only be done with great, keyword-rich content. 

That’s where I come in. I am a content writer.

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