Why Blogs Add Value

For small businesses and startups, having a blog may seem like an additional detail that you simply don’t have time for. This could prove to be a huge mistake that costs you time, money, and sales.

As a startup, you have to make each dollar stretch as far as possible. Building traffic to your website is important for sales but not when that traffic isn’t converting to those sales.

How many times do you see hits but your conversion rate is well below 2%? When you are spending advertising dollars on ppc (pay-per-click) traffic, you find out quickly that many people click and spend less than thirty seconds on your page before leaving.

This type of advertising can get very costly when it yields poor results. Most people don’t purchase anything. Why?

The fact is that it’s very difficult to target your audience for paid clicks. You will always have people that find their way to your website who are not even slightly interested in your products.

This changes drastically when you get organic traffic. What’s this?

You Need to Go Organic!

This refers to the people who come to your website by searching for specific topics on a search engine and are directed to your site because it matched with their query.

Organic hits can also be from people who were told to come to your site by people they know or from links that were shared on social media. These organic visits are far more likely to spend money too. They knew exactly why they were visiting your site.

How do you rank highly on search engines so that people find you? SERPs are search engine ranking pages and everyone’s goal is to get on the first page. Being in the top three to four spots is ideal.

Most people who are searching for information on the internet will only look at the first page of results. Your SERP placement is very important. But how do you get there?

Rankings are based on algorithms that aren’t always entirely clear but they are based on the amount of traffic you already have, combined with the keywords that are found on your landing pages, your titles, headings, sub-headings, and within content.

Web crawlers are automated systems that search the web for the keywords that people might use when trying to find your product or the information on your pages.

In other words, keyword-rich content will bring hits and the more this happens, the higher your page is ranked. The higher your page is ranked, the more traffic you will see.

Then, it’s a matter of constantly adding new content and tweaking your page so that keywords are always fresh. They can change, just like trends on Twitter.

The trick is to know what keywords people are using to find your type of products or services and what words your closest competitors are using on their websites.

Content Writers Use SEO

An SEO expert can use specialized tools and applications to search content and scan for keyword usage. This helps them craft even better content with the same keywords or similar words that have less competition in queries.

It’s based on psychology and knowing your customer base.

It isn’t an exact science and requires constant tweaking and addition of new content. This may seem like a never ending money pit but in truth, paying for the content that is well-crafted to bring precisely the right people to your page is often thousands of dollars less than paying for clicks that don’t convert to sales.

This makes the cost of hiring a content writer the best possible money-saving investment because your ROI (return on investment) is far higher in the end. It’s all about the bottom line.

Blogs also allow you to have conversations with your audience (your consumers and potential consumers) so that you can build value through confidence and trust. You can form relationships that keep them coming back to you with their needs year after year.

A customer who shops your site and spends an average of $50 per week on pet supplies, for example, could be worth a lifetime value (LTV) to you of $50,000 or even more.

One happy customer is very likely to tell a few other people and even share a great article with friends or family on social media.

That single organic share could gain you as much as 100 new customers x $50,000 LTV = $5M in new potential revenue.

Content writers are suddenly worth looking into, eh? Frankly, you just can’t afford not to.

Published by Dawn Greer

I am a freelance content writer. I have written thousands of SEO articles for clients in the last ten years. I am a niche expert in cannabis/medical marijuana, pet-related content (especially animal behavior), and anything off-grid. My articles can be found on hundreds of websites in the above genres, as well as dental, insurance, and health-related websites. I've worked as a ghostwriter for several books and e-books, including the original transcript for "The Fluoride Myth: Debunking the Controversy" Book by James A Beck D D S. My content expertise includes website landing pages, product descriptions, white papers, and blogs. Recent customers include InnovetPet.com, PetMedLabs.com, and TinyLivingLife.com. I also have a printed article in the March issue of ROVA Travel Magazine, "A Tiny Town on a Big Lake." I have in-depth knowledge of best SEO practices; skills in research, data collection, and creating white papers that are detailed but written for easy reading. If you have a project that you'd like done correctly and efficiently, contact me for a quote.

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