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Dawn R. Greer

Dawn R. Greer

Purdue Global University Information Technology Student


All successful companies have come to understand the importance of an online presence that isn’t just about branding. Build reputation, trust, and promote conversations with your audience by providing them with the knowledge necessary to make their choices better informed.


Outsourcing content writing for websites, blogs, digital media, white papers, and product sheets is now a common practice. This allows you to focus on the the daily operation of your business. Leave the content of your website in the skilled hands of a professional. Hiring a freelance content writer will save time and money by building organic website traffic, allowing you to spend less on advertising and enjoy a higher ROI.


A great content writer can help add value to your website in several ways. Someone who is also a web developer, system administrator, and security and assurance expert will give you the added benefit of safety, creating a website that your audience loves, and ensuring that information is securely gathered and stored. With a concentration that includes digital forensics, I can also accept work in that area of expertise if you are a law office or law enforcement agency, or private investigation firm.

  • Create content pertinent to your niche audience
  • Use keyword-rich content to bring organic traffic from search engines.
  • Focus on driving customers to conversion by creating a funnel of information that leads them to the solution for their problem, your product.

“The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing.” —

Tom Fishburne, Founder & CEO, Marketoonist

Adding quality content that educates your audience helps them to recognize you as an authority on their problem. You’re providing them information that they need, not simply selling a product at that point. This builds trust, brand recognition, and repeat customers who will happily recommend your products and share your website content on social media, providing you with more free advertising.


Your success is my success. The ultimate goal is to help clients create targeted content that identifies a problem, provides information on that topic, and ultimately offers the solution for the customer after building trust with them. Ideally, they leave feeling educated enough to have made the right decision by purchasing your product.

About Me

I’ve been creating web content for for more than ten years but I began my writing career in 2001 with the Ocala Star Banner as a weekly “Neighbors” contributor.

My web content expert niches include cannabis/medical marijuana, pet behavior/healthcare, off-grid living/homesteading.

I’m also continuing my education currently to obtain my bachelor of science degree in Information Technology with a concentration in Information Security and Assurance. I look forward to earning that degree in the next two years and finding a new opportunity with a great employer. My particular area of interest is digital forensics, and I would love to move back to the Denver area again someday.

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